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The Story of Silver in the United States
Submitted by Mr. Woods' class

Geologic Resources
U.S. Forest Service - Geologic Resources

All About Paleontology

Collection of fossil and paleontology resources

Rock Collection and Geology Basics
Basement Guides

Fun and interesting fossil facts for kids

23 Amazing Sites For Free Gemology Courses & Resources

Part I:Top Spots For Gem Hunting In The US

Part II: Top Spots For Gem Hunting In The US

The Beginner’s Guide to Backyard Geology

Rock Tumbling Library

American Geode
The site lists breaking news in geology and paleontology.

Geology In
How do Geologists identify minerals? Lots of great information on this geology site

Ethical Jewellery
What is ethical jewellery?

Rocky Mountain Federation of Mineralogical Societies
The purpose of the Rocky Mountain Federation is to bring a closer association of all clubs in the Society, and to promote the study of earth sciences, including the lapidary arts, the study of fossils and paleontology, and related crafts.

American Federation of Mineralogical Societies
A Non-Profit Educational Federation of severn similar regional organizations of gem, mineral and lapidary societies, founded in 1947

Future Rockhounds of America - AFMS/FRA Badge Program
The Future Rockhounds of America program is open to juniors under the age of 18.

The Ultimate Guide to Metal Detecting
Learn what this hobby is all about, why it has become so popular, what you’ll need to get started.

US Radar Inc
A leading manufacturer and distributor of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) systems & software. The systems we manufacture is used to many industry professionals discover what is on the other side of a surface, items that can not be seen with the bare eye. Very useful for excavations and geological surveying.


The company, formed in 1996, encompasses many interests including minerals, jewelry, crafts, writing, and traveling. Site was updated Jan 2015

A Guide to Metal Detecting for Beginners
A Guide to Metal Detecting for Beginners. Submitted by Lauren and her group in Ms. Ward's class.

North Jeffco Gem and Mineral Club (Colorado)
An excellent source of information and a good friend of the Colorado Mineral Society

Lake George Gem and Mineral Club

Another great Colorado rock club!

Oil: Not Exactly Dead Dinosaurs
The story of where oil comes from. Suggestion sent in by Ms. Plasse's science class in Green Mountain Central School District, Vermont.


The Gemstone List
Excellent resource for precious and semi-precious gemstones with pictures and detailed information. Suggestion was sent in by Alex.

40 Common Minerals - Tungsten, Silver, Feldspar & more!
Excellent resouce for students and teachers doing research on minerals sent to us by Sarah, a school teacher.
The site is courtesy of Lawson Jewelers in Irvine, Calif.

The Flourite Gallery
Click on the mineral on the left side and the info and picture will show up on the right. 296 beautiful specimens.


Virtual Museum of the History of Mineralogy
Virtual Museum of theHistory of Mineralogy
The purpose of the Virtual Museum of the History of Mineralogy is to bring together photographs and descriptions of representative historical objects and information related to the early mineralogical and crystallographic sciences

Arkansas natural uncut diamonds
Genuine, natural, uncut diamond specimens


Mindat is the world's largest online database of information on minerals and the locations they are found. Currently delivering over 1.6 million page impressions a month, it is the most popular website for mineral collectors, earth scientists, geology and mineralogy students and rockhounds worldwide, and is built around a highly complex database architecture that allows registered users around the world to submit information based on their own local knowledge into the database (subject to peer review). The photo gallery alone has over 20,000 photos of mineral specimens uploaded by users of the sites into their own private galleries.

Colorado Prospector
Colorado Prospector

A site for the small scale gold prospector to conveniently find access to public land, open to gold prospecting in and around Colorado's gold belt.

Goldrush Nuggets
Gold nugget site with some good links for prospecting and clubs.
A site dedicated to everything about rockhounding and lapidary.

Fluorescent Mineral Society - Home Page
A nonprofit international organization of professional mineralogists, gemologists, amateur collectors, and others who study or collect fluorescent minerals.

The Mineral Gallery
The website for rockhounds, mineral and crystal enthusiasts, and collectors! Mineral, crystal, and rock specimens complete with color photos.


Mid-Hudson Valley Gem and Mineral Society Inc.
Mid-Hudson Valley Gem and Mineral Society Inc. Now in our 30th year! This is the home page of the Mid-Hudson Valley Gem and Mineral Society. A society for the advancement of the Earth Sciences. We are headquartered in Poughkeepsie, NY.


HGMS, Houston Gem and Mineral Society, is a non profit organization bringing together people interested in the Earth Sciences.


Knoxville Gem & Mineral Society Gem Society Page
Knoxville Gem & Mineral Society P.O. BOX 51554 KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE 37950-0291 The Knoxville Gem and Mineral Society (KGMS) is a nonprofit, educational and scientific interest group that meets monthly on the third Thursday at 7:30 P.M. in the Brehm.


Newsletter Articles
Since the articles presented here are from different sources, the copyright and reproduction of the individual articles will need to be determined before they reproduced. Various Articles The list on the left side of the page contains various...


Houston Gem and Mineral Society
Houston Gem and Mineral Society


The University of Arizona Mineral Museum
Dedicated to providing public education and the preservation of minerals and meteorites while also serving the research needs of professionals, students and collectors. The collection is world-wide in scope, but with specific emphasis on minerals from Arizona and Mexico.


Gem & Mineral Links
Links to Internet websites of local gem & mineral dealers, gem & mineral clubs, museums, and to websites associated with gemcutting or gemology.


Gemstoneworld - Links to Other Sites
Links to Gem and Mineral Sites, and Links I Like, The best source for Faceting Gem Rough, Lapidary, Faceted Gems, Jewelry, Jewelery Settings, Custom Jewellery, Settings, Mounts, Gemological Equipment, Faceting Machines, Lapidary and faceting equipme


Franklin Mineral Museum
A museum featuring minerals, rocks, fossils, Native American relics, geology and replica mine workings. Thousands of specimens on display of fluorescent minerals. Mineral collecting at the World's foremost mineral locality.


Mineral News -- Gem, Mineral,Rock and Fossil Collector Information
Publisher of rockhound information including books and software for Gem and Mineral Collectors and publisher of the Mineral News, information on mineral, gem and rock localities and Gem and Mineral Shows


Professional Societies and Organizations
Professional Organizations and Societies American Association for the Advancement of Science American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists American Geological Institute (AGI) American...


Tuscarora Lapidary Society
Links Organizations The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies (EFMLS) American Federation of Mineralogical Societies (AFMS) International Gem Society (IGS) - much educational information...


Mineralogical Society of Southern California


Colorado Rock Hounding Sites
Colorado Rockhounding-related websites with interactive clickable map of Colorado.


Hoffman's Home page
The Hoffman Family Homepage We live in Los Alamos, NM Earl is good looking Linda is strong And everyone else in town is above average Here is a little about us: We collect rocks, minerals and fossils plus all accessories such as books, stamps...


Gem and Mineral Exploration Company
Online Mineral Sales and Monthly Auctions of Minerals, Fossils, Gemstones - for Beginners to Connosieurs as well as Rockhounding Information

Welcome to UV SYSTEMS - Ultraviolet light products
Your Professional Fluorescent Mineral Display Resource __ TripleBright Short Wave Long Wave UV Bulbs UV Filters Battery Pack Safety Goggles Viewing Bags Photo Gallery UV News __ For all your UV needs UV SYSTEMS brings you a complete line of high...


Rockhounding Arkansas
Rockhounding Arkansas.


Pennsylvania Minerals
Welcome to the Club! Submit your Club Information to us Today! We need your help! Please fill in the form below with the name, address and contact for your rock club. We are currently working on a complete list of Pennsylvania Rock Clubs and it can.


charles b. ward fluorescent minerals
One of the world's leading supplier of fine quality Fluorescent Minerals.


Exploring Barstow - Fall of '99 edition
Index Community Entertainment History Home Industry Museums Outdoors Rockhounding Rainbow Basin Black Canyon & Inscription Canyon Afton Canyon Amboy and Amboy Crater Johnson Valley Off-Highway Vehicle Area Stoddard Valley Off-Highway Vehicle Area...


Frank Mayo Biography
Museum Web Page


Come to a SMS Meeting and meet the Members
Monthly Meetings of the Sacramento Mineral Society Educational Meeting: Second Thursday of each month at 7 pm. Meetings 5467 Ballantine Street #6, Sacramento, CA 95826. Guests and visitors welcome. Membership dues $17/year...


Bob's Rock Shop: Web Sites for Rockhounds Page One
The Shop's Link List Web Sites for Rockhounds Page One Link Problem? Please report broken or changed links to I'd also be glad to hear from you if you know of a kindred site or resource not listed here and would like to...


Just for Editors
Just for Editors. Non-commerical internet resources to aid rock and gem club editors.


Rock Shop
Don Edwards FOSSILIST & PETRIFACTIONEER TIDESWELL DALE ROCK SHOP Commercial Road, Tideswell, Derbyshire United Kingdom TELEPHONE / FAX 01298-871606 ( 44-1298-871606) E-mail : The village of Tideswell lies at the heart of..


Lycos Home/Family Guide: Rocks, Gems, and Minerals
Free ISP - Find it - Talk about it - Shop for it Click here to visit site Lycos Home> Home/Family> Hobbies> Kids Web Guide Women Web Guide Health Web Guide Home & Family Message Board Need to Vent? Join our Life & Coping Chat Shop for Home & Garden.


What's New at Rock's Place
If you enjoy hunting for rocks, lapidary and stuff then this is a good place to stop!


VLGM mailing lists
The very-low-grade metamorphism mailing list The list is intended to provide a forum for discussion and rapid communication encompassing the following topics -> very low grade metamorphism -> diagenesis of clastic and volcanic rocks -> clay...


Mama's Minerals' Way Cool Links to Other Fascinating Rock, Mineral, Fossil, and Meteorite Sites.
Features a wealth of links to websites dealing with Earth and Planetary Sciences, Geology, Rocks and Minerals, Meteorites, and Fossils.


Rockville Community Network: Community Organizations
Community Organizations Rockville is home to numerous community and neighborhood organizations. Our citizens are very active. Rockville has a continous process that involves citizens with shaping the future of their City. Visit the Imagine...


Associations of Oceanside, CA
Home page for most service organizations and associations of the City of Oceanside, California.


Home Page
Welcome to Kevin Conroy Minerals 10076 Barberton Drive St. Louis, MO 63126 (314) 849-6450 Last Update: March 28, 2000 All measurements are in centimeters. Click on any picture for a larger view. Page 1 Page 2 Hi, and...


 CCGC.ORG -- Links of Similar Interest
Select a Page Table of Contents Presidents Message Shows and Events Field Trips Museum Showcase Swap Shop Classified Ads Newsletter Membership App Code of Ethics Meeting Site Charities Contact Us Links Use this dropdown menu to find any page at...


BRYAN AIVAZIAN'S SCIENCE VISUALIZATION HOME PAGE Welcome to my Science Visualization Home Page! This page has been established to provide access to the best remote sensing and image processing information for earth science students. From here both..


Tucson Gem and Mineral Show Report
Tucson and Denver Gem and Mineral Show Reports, Show Information and Resources, Links to Dealers

Publications - Jewelry Making - Net Links
Jewelry Publications from your Guide


GemWorld's Links to other sites
GemWorld MINES Open to the Public Quartz Crystals Arkansas Dig Your Own Quartz Crystals Arkansas Chalk Mines Scotia, Nebraska Explore the singular beauty of the North Loup River Valley as you climb to the top of Happy Jack Peak, with its summit...


Medina Ohio, in Medina County, Complete Internet Guide.: Recreation and Leisure
Medina Ohio, in Medina County, guide to the Internet. Complete informational resource for Medina, Brunswick, Wadsworth, Seville, Lodi, Valley City and Westfield Center.


Collect Fluorescent Minerals at Trotter Dump
Trotter 200 Update Plus pictures and trip report from last year Trotter Dump & Sterling Hill! April 29 & 30, 2000 in conjunction with the NJESA/FOMS/SHMM Spring Show! It's time to prepare for this year's action-packed weekend in Franklin, New...


The AnswerSleuth's Crystal Collecting
Crystal Collecting


Bob's Rock Shop: Other Internet Resources for Rockhounds
The Shop's Link List Other Internet Resources for Rockhounds Link Problem? Please report broken or changed links to I'd also be glad to hear from you if you know of a kindred site or resource not listed here and would like...


BLM Colorado
BLM manages 8.3 million acres of public lands. These lands are managed for: recreation, mining, wildlife habitat, livestock grazing, wilderness. BLM also oversees 27.3 million subsurface acres.


Mineralogy Database in HTML Format
This mineral database contains more than 5,000 web pages of mineral data. There are 4,102 individual mineral species descriptions with links.


San Diego Natural History Museum: Mineralogy
The Mineralogy Department maintains an extensive collection on minerals from southern California, as well as a synoptic collection of minerals from around the world, including 26,000 catalogued specimens of minerals, meteorites, and precious gems.

Rockhounding for Kids
Once you get past the ad trying to get you to sign up for this site, there are a lot of good links for kids and rockhounding here.

Handbook of Mineralogy

Minerals and Mineral Collecting

A Short Introduction to Mineralogy

Minerals: Definitions, Properties, and Occurrences

Gems and Minerals: Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Minerals

The Image Gallery: Minerals

Amethyst Gallery

Minerals Image Gallery

Mineral Chemistry

Mineral Physics

Optical Mineralogy and Petrography

Occurrence, Mineralogy, Textures and Structures of Sedimentary Rocks

American Mineralogist


Gems and Gemology

Geo Science World

Mineralogy Database

Crystollagraphy Open Database

Geo Ref Information Services

Geological Society of America

International Mineralogical Association

Smithsonian Institution Department of Mineral Sciences


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