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Hwy 93 Limestone Quarry - August 2010

Photos courtesy of Carol and Bill Evans and Warren C. Phelps

TXI Quarry,Friday, July 30th , 2010 Trip Report

The TXI Quarry on Highway 93 between Golden and Boulder, was a new field trip location for CMS. The trip was arranged and led by Bruce Sales who provided us with a fantastic location to hunt fossils. The quarry is on the west side Highway 93, directly across from the old yellow locomotive. CMS met on the east side of 93, then drove under 93 to access the quarry. Randy, the Plant Manager, and Butch, the Pit Boss were our host at the TXI Quarry. Wonderful men with lots of information and stories about the quarry. Once in the quarry, there are fossils everywhere. This is an ideal trip for anyone that has trouble walking, there are literally fossils on the ground by just stepping out of the vehicle. The ground is littered with clam fossils of all sizes. The ammonites are harder to find and require some hunting. There is surface hunting, rock breaking, and digging available. Butch the Pit Boss, and Shovel Operator stays with the group the whole time, since it is an active pit. He is a wonderful host in the pit. Butch will tell you where to look, what to look for, and how to find it. Just a no holds barred fan out and look, dig or break rock to your hearts content for 4 solid hours,deep in an active pit. Everybody found fossils to numerous to mention. The field trip was a total success for everyone.

Thank You, Bruce Sales, CMS Trip Leader for a close to town, lots of fossils trip, that went very smooth and easy for us all.........Warren C. Phelps



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