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DGMS 2017 Speaker Schedule 3.0

11:00 – Jeff Scovil – Photographic Album of Gold and Silver minerals
12:00 – Mark Jacobson – Denver Gem & Mineral Show: 50th Anniversary History
1:00 - Terry Wallace – CO Silver
2:00 - Wayne Leicht - Gold
3:00 – Ed Raines – Aspen Silver
4:00 – Virgil Lueth – New Mexico Gold

11:30 – Evan Walsh – “The Evolution of the Theropod Dinosaurs through the Late
12:00 - Pikes Peak Pebble Pups: Ben Elick, Jenna Salvat, Jack Shimon, and Quentin
1:00 – Pete Modreski – How to Start a Mineral Collection
2:00 – Bryan Lees – The Gold Dragon
3:00 – Scott Werschky – “The Fire Creek Mine, Nevada: a new locality for
exceptional crystalline gold specimens”
4:00 – John Warn – “In the Pink, Himalaya Mine Tourmalines”

11:00 – Les Presmyk – Silver & Gold in AZ: History and Specimens
12:00 – Mel King – “Shipwreck Treasure – Pieces of 8 and Gold Doubloons”
1:00 – Penny Williamson – “Australian Gold and Silver: Fact, Fiction & Forensics”
2:00 – Fluorescent Speaker - Richard Hauck
3:00 –Bruce Geller- Tellurides
Fri. 2:00 – 3:30 SMMP Board and general meeting

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Friday, Sept. 15 9 am – 6 pm, Saturday, Sept. 16 10 am – 6 pm, Sunday, Sept. 17 10 am – 5 pm
Please visit our GEOdyssey Booth (#13) on the Main Floor
This is our last year at the Denver show and our last show in the Denver area! This year we will be featuring many specimens from our trip to Bulgaria, including sphalerite, galena, calcite, and quartz, many in beautiful combinations. We also have a large selection of minerals from Namibia (aquamarine, amethyst [many enhydros], schorl, fluorite, and more) and Morocco. We have fluorite, calcite, and plumbogummite from China, pyrite cubes from Spain, fluorite from England, and many more. We still have a lot of affordable fossils, including fossil tortoise shells from Nebraska, Megalodon shark teeth, shark and elasmosaur teeth from Morocco, trilobites from Utah and Morocco, large agatized fossil coral from Florida, fossil oreodont and other mammal teeth from Nebraska, and petrified wood from Arizona and Indonesia. Because we are moving and need to greatly reduce what we have to move, we'll have many flats of half-priced specimens and several flats of specimens at 75% off. You can preview many of these on our website .
Thanks for all your support and friendship over the last 20 years. Hope to see you there! Pat & Zelda, GEOdyssey LLC

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Monthly CMS Meetings: General membership meetings start at 7:30 PM on the first Friday of each month, Oct - May at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church at 10th and Garrison (9200 W 10th Ave, Lakewood, CO 80215) in Lakewood, CO
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Visitors, guests and kids are always welcome!!

Displays are set up by members about one half-hour before meetings. Specimens may be available for sale and trade.

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