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Welcome to the Colorado Mineral Society

Celebrating our 82nd Year!
1936 - 2018

Next CMS Monthly Meeting
Friday, January 5th, 2018 at 7:30 pm
St. Paul Episcopal Church
9200 W. 10th Ave, Lakewood, CO
(10th Avenue and Garrison Street)

January 2018 Presentation

The Pegmatites of Colorado:
a survey of localities

By Mark Ivan Jacobson
Mark Ivan Jacobson

E. Wm. Heinrich, one of the geologists who mapped Colorado’s pegmatites during World War II, wrote that “Colorado should have been named The Pegmatite State.” Although other states have more lithium-bearing gem pegmatites or more economic pegmatites, Colorado probably has the greatest pegmatitic diversity and wide spread distribution in the USA. Colorado has 43 clusters of pegmatites that can be referred to as districts or using modern terms pegmatite fields. Within the Pikes Peaks Granite, 10 clusters of miarolitic pegmatites can be recognized, which are included in the 43. Not all of them will be discussed in the presentation.

Although, Colorado’s pegmatites have been heavily explored, future mineral discoveries will be made, especially by those people willing to inspect new areas. The years 2000 to 2010 were particularly successful by a new generation of collectors finding pocket topazes, aquamarines, amazonite as well as excellently crystallized rare-earth minerals such as fluocerite and aeschynite-(Y).

Pegmatite districts of Colorado

Mark Ivan Jacobson is a geologist-mineralogist specializing in pegmatites. He obtained a BS in mineralogy-geochemistry from Pennsylvania State University in 1973 and a MS in sedimentary geology from the University of California at Berkeley in 1976. After graduate school, he worked for Amoco and Chevron in oil and gas development as an earth scientist at numerous foreign and USA locations, completing 35 years with Chevron before retiring in 2013. He has published numerous articles on the geology, mineralogy, and mining-collecting histories of pegmatites since 1978 as well as two major books: “Guidebook to the pegmatites of Western Australia (2007)” and “Antero Aquamarines: Minerals from the Mount Antero - White Mountain region, Chaffee County, Colorado” (1993). He has been a consulting editor for Rock & Minerals since 1984 and is currently president of the National Friends of Mineralogy.

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CMS Members Jeff Self and Donna Ware featured on Colorado Public Radio's “Colorado Matters”

CMS members Jeff Self and Donna Ware were featured in an interview on the “Colorado Matters” program on Colorado Public Radio. The recorded interview with Ryan Warner can be listened to online via the CPR website at the link below, along with a story and photos about them.

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